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[3-2-2k8] Beowulf 300


[2-7-2k8] Update

I am hard at work remaking the site. I've bought space on my own server, several URLs, and I'm trying to make a new layout using new features in Dreamweaver CS3. It may be a while until I'm done (between this, real life stuff, and writing my newest screenplay), but I wanted you to know so you don't think I've abandoned the site.

[5-27-2k7] Ain't nuthin' but a Gmail thang

Changed my main e-mail address: KurFilms@gmail.com

[3-28-2k7] Kurbert Report

This is my entry for the Colbert Report's For Your Editing Pleasure Contest. I call it: "Truth Ache" Enjoy:

I also added some Oh Romeo! Clips.

[3-10-2k7] Update

New Avant Guarde film added, Visual Feedback. Productions page updated. Go see 300, RIGHT NOW!



[2-14-2k7] Happy VD!

[2-13-2k7] Big Band Blip... er... I mean Clip

Unedited clip from the concert.  

[1-31-2k7] Big Band DVD

I'm going to be busy for a while. Chris Denny, member of Oh Romeo, asked me to film a concert for his band and it's turning into a whole big project. I'm going to make them a DVD with band footage, concert footage, and more.

[1-4-2k7] First Update of the Year

First update of the year, and it's a good one. I have a movie for you to enjoy. This is a documentary I had to make for Film Documentary before I graduated. It's called: The Peppercorn Medley.

PS. Nonsensical Madness is down because Jordan closed his web site and the episodes were on his server. It'll be a while, but I'm working to fix the situation.

[12-9-2k6] Hitch Your Wagon to this Trailer


[11-16-2k6] Get Fixed

I fixed some parts of the site that were a little screwy. Including oversized text & links to the episodes in the Alternative Madness section. So, if you were here before and couldn't watch them, now you can. So, you don't have any excusses! GET TO IT! I also fixed the Funny Pictures section (I apparently forgot to put the thumbnails and links on the page when I updated the site).

[11-11-2k6] Peppercorn Update

I've updated my productions page. Changed Hold the Anchovies (working title) to it's finished title, The Peppercorn Medley. And updated its status. I will be posting the film here if it'll fit. It clocks in at 32:37, so it may be too big, but we'll see.

[8-4-2k6] Popular Products

Looks like the most popular items at my main store are the "Don't Blame Me, I'm too young to vote!" Infant/Toddler T-Shirt & Infant Creeper! Apprently, I'm doing something right. Get one yourself!

[7-16-2k6] Extreme Update Madness

I've done it! I finished the latest remake of Kur Films™! Sleeker, faster, and all around better, this update is... uh... sleeker, faster and all around better... YEAH!


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